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From: "Rafal 'Raf256' Maj" <rafal AT raf256 DOT com>
Newsgroups: comp.os.msdos.djgpp
Subject: DJGPP r.i.p :( ?
Date: 10 Aug 2002 17:55:33 GMT
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DJGPP was my favourite compiler, until release ov version bacing on GCC 
3.01 :-/ First the problems with compile even single Hello Word (using 
iostream), now - it's impossible to compile Allegro.
This problems was about month ago ! I left DJGPP for some time hoping that 
situation will change, but I see - it's the same :-/ 
Is somebody mantaining DJGPP or can it be consider dead compiler ?

1. new RHIDE 1.5 can be downloaded, why not add it to ZipPicker ?
2. Allegro 4.02 cannot be compiled with gcc 3.01 - how about fixing it ?

I would like to helo myself, but I'm rather minor user of DJGPP

Rafał 'Raf256' Maj
> A jedyne co czytam, ze to terrorysci internetowi z echelonu planuja
> kolejny atak na centrale TPSA
- Expert vel Jacek (obecnie golfmaster AT poczta DOT onet DOT pl)

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