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From: "H.Shiozaki" <hshiozaki AT nifty DOT com>
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Subject: Re: IO_Port Access in DJGPP + Windows 2000
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 23:22:59 +0900
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to Mr. Andrea Mazzoleni

"Andrea Mazzoleni" <amadvance AT users DOT sourceforge DOT net> wrote in message
news:20020826141825 DOT GA701 AT mediacom DOT it...
> >   there need IO_access_DLL or IO_Driver.
> Search in the web for a Windows driver called TOTALIO (or GIVEIO).
> It's a simple .SYS driver which remove the hardware protection
> on all the IO ports. With this driver loaded you can directly use
> the inportb() and outportb() functions.
I found TOTALIO , GIVEIO  and related Information.
I need sometime to test for my program in Win2k.
Thank you very match.
from H.shiozaki

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