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Subject: Re: Problems with RHIDE
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Ethan Rosenberg kirjoitti:
> I am using Rhide .5.0.1 with DOS 6.21, in a pure DOS environment. The 
> DJGPP is ver 2.03 Every time I use the F1 key, Rhide crashes. I am 
> starting Rhide with the -S variable, as I saw in the newsgroup archives, 
> but it does not help. I am able to use Rhide to build and debug 
> programs, but the crashing is bothersome.
> Sometimes a description of the SET editor would appear on the screen.  
> How do I cause that to happen now?
> Is there a new version of Rhide or the SET editor?

My latest and almost certainly also the last (no more are expected to 
follow) build of RHIDE is at:

See also:


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